Introducing POKETGENIE

A genie in disguise

Sundays are always reserved for getting all the household things fixed, be it a leaking tap or a noisy fan. Chores never seem to end. After a long day of tackling the plumber, calling the electrician to fix the lights, cleaning and scrubbing the pots, you would think that such an effort would absolve you in having to call them again, at least for some time.  YOU ARE WRONG. There will be another fused light the next morning or the other tap leaking or some different issue.

Current challenge

Today, most of the time, we are willing to get these menial work wrapped by some other person. We are looking for people who could help us with these small bits of work. Our need s is mostly on hourly basis. We always face a crisis of time, we keep complaining about not having enough time for everything. The type of work that we are talking about is your chores as well as scutwork. Whether you need an electrician, delivery boy, help with your special cuisine, help with some small event management, or carpenter; there is no discovery mechanism in the market which enables us to find reliable people for the chores. The market also does not ensure the quality of work, on-time delivery or for that matter even the pricing. There is no control over the pricing of the jobs.

A solution to the challenge

To help you with all such works, take care of the pricing and provide more of options, we introduce PoketGenie, India’s only crowd-sourced marketplace platform with unique discovery mechanism which helps you find help for all your needs, all in an app. PoketGenie is here to help you maintain your work life balance and within budget.

PoketGenie and how it works

The app will have the profile of all the helpers registered on it and the necessary information about their skills as well as the ratings given to them by other help seekers. This mechanism will further help in filtering the most reliable and efficient helpers to stay on the app. The payment is digital. PoketGenie caters to household work, handyman services, computer repairs, delivery, professional help, party and event  services, repair, photography services, and not to forget, computer and IT services; the most number of services to offer. All the users generate a request for help on the app on an on-demand basis and quotes the amount he wishes to pay, this request is viewed by Genies who can also bid their price, based on best fit the task is then assigned. Once the service is provided by the Genie successfully, the payment is released and PoketGenie receives its commission.

Get work done hassle free

It is time for you to sit back and relax. The responsibility of getting your work done is on us. With PoketGenie you can now get help anytime you need. The app is user-friendly and easy to handle. PoketGenie emphasis on its users’ privacy and security by giving access to the Help seeker and/or Helper only to relevant information once they are selected for the task, which makes it a better choice over the few present in the market currently. You are now just a few clicks away from getting your work done with PoketGenie, an app that frees you of all your worries!