Earn money in a secured way through PoketGenie


PoketGenie has its’ vision very clearly laid out in front of all of us. Not only have they thought of bridging the gap in the society but also have given the constructive solution to it. Yes, merely thinking never helped, we were always in search of the solution and here they are with the solution. The huge gap in the economic condition between different stratum in the society is a big worry for the country. To top it all, the threat of unsecured portals, frauds, cyber crimes and the middlemen have caused more damages than anything else.

Current Scenario

The very first thought that strikes us whenever we hear of all the cyber crimes is that is any digital portal safe for making transaction, will it maintain our privacy. The second thought that kicks in is whether or not we are going to get our money. This is every man’s mind these days. The digital space with increasing technology lacks security here and there. It is not to say that all digital platforms are the same but there always remains a slight vulnerability. The customers want to get the sense of security and it is very important to build trust in them for any platform to work.

The second barrier

The second hurdle comes in the form of lack of security in current jobs and the focus is on all the blue collar workers. Neither do they have a stable job nor a stable income. And in this scenario even the most skilled worker has to work as a daily wager with some agency where nothing is ensured and the threat of middlemen taking all the money is the most. It is very difficult for them to find jobs in the first place, let alone find a stable one. With such huge a population and twice the demand as there was, there are still hundreds on street without any job and there are even more who are in search of people who could help them in certain jobs, which kind of makes it all clear where this huge gap is coming from and where all the money is going.

How does PoketGenie help

PoketGenie is set to create job opportunities for everyone, be it the professionals or individuals or blue collar workers. It is secured platform for everyone to create their profile on and find suitable work according to their skills. The help seeker does not have to worry about the loss of money because this app comes with a very safe and secure method of money transaction where it takes on its own to keep your money safe. The exchange happens only between the help seeker and the Genie and PoketGenie. Once the work is assigned, the help seeker pays the money which is received by PoketGenie and blocked till the completion of the task.  After the successful completion of the task, the Genie receives their money and PoketGenie receives its commission. Hence, there is no such fear of middlemen laying a hand on your money and also any frauds happening.

The PoketGenie Guarantee

Therefore, PoketGenie guarantees both the help seeker and the Genie, the quality of work and payment respectively. There is no loss of money whatsoever, no loopholes present in the entire system. Hence, both the parties are fully insured and can use the app in a tension free manner. Our goal is to satisfy and balance the stratum, the one who are looking for opportunities and the other who are looking for skilled people to help them.