PoketGenie to solve job crisis

The lack of opportunities

India is the country standing second in the world rank in terms of human population and the situation does not seem to be getting any better as days pass by. The effect of this overpopulation has been seen on land, environment and even in the economy and none of them are positive. With more and more people adding to this already filled world, the market seems to be pressurised a lot and is unable to create much opportunities. Lack of opportunities does not help the economy and results in less productivity and thus lack of employment opportunities. PoketGenie is here to address all these issues that hinder the development of the country and its citizens.

Job crisis

We are all well aware of the fact that despite being promised again and again of a lot of job  opportunities being created in the market, the result is nothing close to what was expected. The market structure does not help either. The supply is almost thrice or more than the demand and this causes difficulty in maintaining equilibrium in the market. Thousands and thousands of skilled professional workers remain unemployed and look for an opportunity to earn their livelihood. PoketGenie is very well aware of these situation and is designed to be the problem solver in this very chaotic market situation. There are situations when a task owner needs to get a task don and goes for the professionals only who realising the lack of competition overcharge the task owners and with no option they end up giving in to the asked price. The truth is there is no lack of competition, rather a huge competition in the market for the blue skilled workers but lack of a platform to bring them forward and enable them to showcase their skills and work to earn money.

Here comes the PoketGenie solution

PoketGenie comes as the solution to all the issues standing and help better the market crisis in terms of job opportunity. PoketGenie brings the opportunity for all the skilled workers who wish to earn money. The blue collared workers, skilled and efficient in their work wander in search of the chances that could help them get set in their jobs or at least provide them with an opportunity to earn their money. In a time when you think there are so fewer jobs to earn money, PoketGenie realises the real issue and the truth behind the statement. There are numerous ways to earn money and PoketGenie will serve as the much-needed medium that will connect the task owners and the Genies. Be it a small tap leak to major works, we often fall in need of the blue-collar workers. You must have tried calling the local shops or the professionals and have been often overcharged for the task and your hands were tied down for lack of an alternative option. PoketGenie comes as the alternative and best solution to all your woes. All the owner needs to do is post the task using the app and the price they are willing to pay for it (make sure it is reasonable). The Genies can find the ad and volunteer to help the task owner with the job in return for payment. In this manner, they can get the money they deserve for their skills and begin a fight against unemployment. The blue-collar workers or be it any Genie will be like a genie at the service of the task owner, but here the genie is awarded on successful completion of the task.

Win Win for all

There always will remain the issues regarding unemployment and job crisis, but somewhere a start must be done to change the situation. PoketGenie believes in initiating the change and trying to better the situation for good by creating more and much-needed opportunities for everyone to earn money. PoketGenie brings all the task owners and the Genies under one platform, which enables in the creation of a lot of chances to earn money for the Genies and also benefits the task owners by connecting them to the Genies and getting their work done at the right price, thus freeing them from the worry of being overcharged. PoketGenie with the aim of solving this crisis has entered the market and aims to bridge the gap between the task owners and Genies to bring stability in the economy and create more opportunities for the blue skilled workers, professionals, college students and housewives, such that anyone can earn money for a skill they have. A genie at your doorstep indeed!