Network so wide!

What you need

India as a country is a home to billions of people and the numbers does not seem to stop taking a hike. The rise in population can be said to be in a steeply vertical direction. While that is a concern in its own, there also arises several concerns from the consequences of overpopulation. One of the major reasons to worry in the long list is lack of jobs in the market and struggle to earn money in today’s highly competitive market. PoketGenie serves as a platform to create that opportunity every citizen in the country can look up for earning money. There are a huge number of task owners and Genies in the market already, but somehow there seems to be a communication gap or we may say a platform wherefore the task owners can advertise their pending work that could be completed in exchange of money. PoketGenie is here to the rescue!

Unique Discovery Mechanism

In today’s date, it  has become very difficult for people to find Genies for the smaller works, and let’s not even talk of heavy tasks, and even if found, you end up being charged way more than your expectations. To control the inflation in the market and create a smooth flowing economy PoketGenie has come up with the most innovative stage which allows a two way communication between the task owners and the Genies all around. PoketGenie boasts proudly of its unique discovery mechanism which allows the task owner connect with the helper of choice who has excelled or is good in the profession or the task to be done. The task owners can be confident of posting the task or work that needs to be done and leave the rest for the genie. The work can be anything and everything ranging from a small parcel delivery, a tap leak or any professional help. The Genies also can register irrespective of their sex and age. All that the helper need to have is the skills for the work to be done for the task owner. The Genies can be anyone ranging from a college student looking to earn money, a blue collar worker, and housewives to a professional person who has time to spare after work and wishes to utilize it to earn money. When a task owner posts a task he or she would be provided with a list of Genies, efficient in the field the task owner needs help in, to choose from. The network coverage provided by PoketGenie seems to be huge and in this day the ideal stage for the task owners to connect with their genie. Discover your genie today!

Bidding Model

PoketGenie just does not take care of the task owners but also the Genies registered with the app. As previously mentioned, PoketGenie proudly boasts of its wide network coverage, and does everything possible to make sure there is no problem for the users of the app. PoketGenie as said, makes sure that the task owners are not overcharged for their work, and at the same time also looks after the fact that those who have volunteered to be Genies using the app are not underpaid for their work. The balance needs to be maintained. After the task owner posts the task, the price the task owner is willing to pay for the successful completion of the task also needs to be mentioned. The Genies can volunteer to be the genie for the task owner and complete the task or bid a price which the helper finds suitable for the successful completion of the task. The task owner and the helper can bid their prices for the task and come to a mutual understanding for a price before beginning with the task. Other Genies also can bid for the task, giving the task owner options to choose from. The task owner also benefits from the bidding model in terms that he can choose from various options and get his done at the lowest price. PoketGenie with its bidding model ensures the interests of task owners and the Genies and thus remains cost effective. So bid your price and get started with the task.

Wide network coverage


PoketGenie brings all the task owners and the Genies under one roof. Finding help has become expensive in today’s date and hardly found when needed. The task owners can rest assured after posting the task that the Genies would find them and the same goes for the helper that they would have an opportunity to earn money by investing their time in PoketGenie. PoketGenie aims to eradicate this gap in communication between the task owners and the Genies and create more and more opportunities in the market to earn money. So value your time and invest it in more important works and leave behind all your worries for the genie. Shun all the barriers and use PoketGenie to find your genie today.