Beat the queue with PoketGenie

There are many activities, tasks or work that needs to be done in order for us to carry on with our day to day life. Necessities and desires are a part of the qualities that makes us human, and there is good feeling when we acquire them at the right time and the experience is wonderful. It is not always the case that everything goes accordingly as we hoped, there are times where certain circumstance makes the day unpleasant, thus ruining our mood and how we act. 

Here is a story of a person’s experience with an app that made his day worthwhile.

Long queue at the OnePlus store

With the launch of the new Oneplus 6 in the Indian market, people have been going wild, and the avengers limited edition added even more hype to the release. Mr. Chitraksha from Bangalore was among the majority who would love to get their hands on the new phone. So, like any other Indian, he tried purchasing it from the online store, but unluckily, they were all sold out. Later on, he found out that a sale for 200 pieces of the limited series was going to happen on the 3rd of June in the OnePlus experience store at Brigade Road. The store opened at 11 and he planned to reach there before 9am on the day as people would be flocking near the place to buy the phone. On the marked day, the unthinkable happened; he woke up late as it was a Sunday and was unhappy with the fact that he would not be able to reach the store in time. In order to avoid missing this opportunity, he posted a task in the PocketGenie app for a person to go to the store and stand as a proxy in the queue until he arrived. Mr. Abbas, a registered Genie in the app responded to his post in time and went to the place as instructed, fortunately he was among the first 200 people in the queue. Chitraksha arrived at the place just 15 minutes before the store opened and he swapped his place in the line with Abbas. He entered the store in time and bought the phone. The experience of actually getting the phone through the service provided by the simple app thrilled him incredibly.

Mr. Chitraksha and his Genie

Getting a desired effect out of a bad situation is exciting and pleasant. We here in PocketGenie provide you with a platform to help you achieve and accomplice various kind of simple tasks like the one mentioned above and leave you satisfied. PocketGenie tries to connect people with different demands and create a conclusive outcome. We encourage you to use our app and get a better experience out of the day and carry on with a positive feeling.