A money saving tip for every movie buff in town!

Interesting movies coming up?

It has already been 6 months since 2018 has started, and has brought some great movies for the audience all over the world. There have been movies that have been so great that you could not have waited since you had seen the teaser of the movie and you have run for the first day first show of those movies to engage in the magical experience. While you are at it, there have also been times when you eagerly waited to catch the first shows of the movie, but while you went for the tickets, it was all sold out and that left you with a lot of spoilers. That must have definitely killed your mood! While the nation is digitising, there always is the option of booking the tickets well in advance using the online portal or the apps , but they come with a convenience fee of Rs.50 or more for every ticket you buy. If you are looking to watch the move at weekends the price shoots up like crazy and with that an added convenience fee for every single ticket does not make the transaction seem too reasonable for an average person. The convenience fee of every ticket you buy might just add up to the price of another ticket if you’re planning to watch the movie in groups, say family and friends. This is where PoketGenie comes to your rescue.

We can help you!

We all have said at least once in our lifetime that wish someone gets the work done for me and guess what we build on your statements and needs and do exactly what you want in exchange for a very small price. We bring to you an app that allows you to hire a genie without having to worry about the task. So, let me take you down the road on how it works. Suppose, you buy 6 tickets from a ticket booking app or any other online portal, with the price of tickets being Rs. 200 each, excluding convenience fees, you end up paying around 1500. That is Rs. 300 more and you might have just lost your bowl of popcorn for the movie. To make sure that you do not lose out on the popcorn, we provide you with a Genie to get your work done. You download the PoketGenie app and post an ad where you describe the task you need to get done. Here, you may write that you want your genie to collect the movie tickets from the ticket counter in the halls or malls, and you give a date for when you want the task to be done, i.e., you specify the day you want your Genie should buy the tickets and the date you want to watch the movie and the number of tickets you want. The ticket counters will not charge you of the convenience fees. Following that you post the amount you are willing to pay your genie for the task, let us say, you pay him Rs.50 to get the work done and deliver the tickets to you. You reimburse your genie with the price of the tickets and pay him the amount you had promised to get the work done. That is all the work. You just saved Rs. 250 and you may as well buy a medium-sized popcorn bowl for yourself now to accompany you in the movie.

Get your own Genie

PoketGenie plays a very important role by providing the platform for the task owner to connect with their genie. In today’s market, when people are looking for ways to earn money, PoketGenie provides the platform for the task owners to create opportunities to earn more and more money. PoketGenie does not restrict the task owners to finding help in particular fields, rather encourages them to create money earning opportunities from a small-scale task to a large-scale work. Be it a small knitting done or a small repair work done to finding help in office work, PoketGenie boasts of finding you your genie. The task owners need not worry of being over charged. The task owners can select from a wide range of helpers ranging from the blue collar workers to college students, housewives and even professionals who have time to spare and have a willingness to invest their time to earn more money.  So take the first step and register with us and find your genie at your doorstep to help you get all your pending work done.