A money saving tip for every movie buff in town!

Interesting movies coming up?

It has already been 6 months since 2018 has started, and has brought some great movies for the audience all over the world. There have been movies that have been so great that you could not have waited since you had seen the teaser of the movie and you have run for the first day first show of those movies to engage in the magical experience. While you are at it, there have also been times when you eagerly waited to catch the first shows of the movie, but while you went for the tickets, it was all sold out and that left you with a lot of spoilers. That must have definitely killed your mood! While the nation is digitising, there always is the option of booking the tickets well in advance using the online portal or the apps , but they come with a convenience fee of Rs.50 or more for every ticket you buy. If you are looking to watch the move at weekends the price shoots up like crazy and with that an added convenience fee for every single ticket does not make the transaction seem too reasonable for an average person. The convenience fee of every ticket you buy might just add up to the price of another ticket if you’re planning to watch the movie in groups, say family and friends. This is where PoketGenie comes to your rescue.

We can help you!

We all have said at least once in our lifetime that wish someone gets the work done for me and guess what we build on your statements and needs and do exactly what you want in exchange for a very small price. We bring to you an app that allows you to hire a genie without having to worry about the task. So, let me take you down the road on how it works. Suppose, you buy 6 tickets from a ticket booking app or any other online portal, with the price of tickets being Rs. 200 each, excluding convenience fees, you end up paying around 1500. That is Rs. 300 more and you might have just lost your bowl of popcorn for the movie. To make sure that you do not lose out on the popcorn, we provide you with a Genie to get your work done. You download the PoketGenie app and post an ad where you describe the task you need to get done. Here, you may write that you want your genie to collect the movie tickets from the ticket counter in the halls or malls, and you give a date for when you want the task to be done, i.e., you specify the day you want your Genie should buy the tickets and the date you want to watch the movie and the number of tickets you want. The ticket counters will not charge you of the convenience fees. Following that you post the amount you are willing to pay your genie for the task, let us say, you pay him Rs.50 to get the work done and deliver the tickets to you. You reimburse your genie with the price of the tickets and pay him the amount you had promised to get the work done. That is all the work. You just saved Rs. 250 and you may as well buy a medium-sized popcorn bowl for yourself now to accompany you in the movie.

Get your own Genie

PoketGenie plays a very important role by providing the platform for the task owner to connect with their genie. In today’s market, when people are looking for ways to earn money, PoketGenie provides the platform for the task owners to create opportunities to earn more and more money. PoketGenie does not restrict the task owners to finding help in particular fields, rather encourages them to create money earning opportunities from a small-scale task to a large-scale work. Be it a small knitting done or a small repair work done to finding help in office work, PoketGenie boasts of finding you your genie. The task owners need not worry of being over charged. The task owners can select from a wide range of helpers ranging from the blue collar workers to college students, housewives and even professionals who have time to spare and have a willingness to invest their time to earn more money.  So take the first step and register with us and find your genie at your doorstep to help you get all your pending work done.


Beat the queue with PoketGenie

There are many activities, tasks or work that needs to be done in order for us to carry on with our day to day life. Necessities and desires are a part of the qualities that makes us human, and there is good feeling when we acquire them at the right time and the experience is wonderful. It is not always the case that everything goes accordingly as we hoped, there are times where certain circumstance makes the day unpleasant, thus ruining our mood and how we act. 

Here is a story of a person’s experience with an app that made his day worthwhile.

Long queue at the OnePlus store

With the launch of the new Oneplus 6 in the Indian market, people have been going wild, and the avengers limited edition added even more hype to the release. Mr. Chitraksha from Bangalore was among the majority who would love to get their hands on the new phone. So, like any other Indian, he tried purchasing it from the online store, but unluckily, they were all sold out. Later on, he found out that a sale for 200 pieces of the limited series was going to happen on the 3rd of June in the OnePlus experience store at Brigade Road. The store opened at 11 and he planned to reach there before 9am on the day as people would be flocking near the place to buy the phone. On the marked day, the unthinkable happened; he woke up late as it was a Sunday and was unhappy with the fact that he would not be able to reach the store in time. In order to avoid missing this opportunity, he posted a task in the PocketGenie app for a person to go to the store and stand as a proxy in the queue until he arrived. Mr. Abbas, a registered Genie in the app responded to his post in time and went to the place as instructed, fortunately he was among the first 200 people in the queue. Chitraksha arrived at the place just 15 minutes before the store opened and he swapped his place in the line with Abbas. He entered the store in time and bought the phone. The experience of actually getting the phone through the service provided by the simple app thrilled him incredibly.

Mr. Chitraksha and his Genie

Getting a desired effect out of a bad situation is exciting and pleasant. We here in PocketGenie provide you with a platform to help you achieve and accomplice various kind of simple tasks like the one mentioned above and leave you satisfied. PocketGenie tries to connect people with different demands and create a conclusive outcome. We encourage you to use our app and get a better experience out of the day and carry on with a positive feeling.

Network so wide!

What you need

India as a country is a home to billions of people and the numbers does not seem to stop taking a hike. The rise in population can be said to be in a steeply vertical direction. While that is a concern in its own, there also arises several concerns from the consequences of overpopulation. One of the major reasons to worry in the long list is lack of jobs in the market and struggle to earn money in today’s highly competitive market. PoketGenie serves as a platform to create that opportunity every citizen in the country can look up for earning money. There are a huge number of task owners and Genies in the market already, but somehow there seems to be a communication gap or we may say a platform wherefore the task owners can advertise their pending work that could be completed in exchange of money. PoketGenie is here to the rescue!

Unique Discovery Mechanism

In today’s date, it  has become very difficult for people to find Genies for the smaller works, and let’s not even talk of heavy tasks, and even if found, you end up being charged way more than your expectations. To control the inflation in the market and create a smooth flowing economy PoketGenie has come up with the most innovative stage which allows a two way communication between the task owners and the Genies all around. PoketGenie boasts proudly of its unique discovery mechanism which allows the task owner connect with the helper of choice who has excelled or is good in the profession or the task to be done. The task owners can be confident of posting the task or work that needs to be done and leave the rest for the genie. The work can be anything and everything ranging from a small parcel delivery, a tap leak or any professional help. The Genies also can register irrespective of their sex and age. All that the helper need to have is the skills for the work to be done for the task owner. The Genies can be anyone ranging from a college student looking to earn money, a blue collar worker, and housewives to a professional person who has time to spare after work and wishes to utilize it to earn money. When a task owner posts a task he or she would be provided with a list of Genies, efficient in the field the task owner needs help in, to choose from. The network coverage provided by PoketGenie seems to be huge and in this day the ideal stage for the task owners to connect with their genie. Discover your genie today!

Bidding Model

PoketGenie just does not take care of the task owners but also the Genies registered with the app. As previously mentioned, PoketGenie proudly boasts of its wide network coverage, and does everything possible to make sure there is no problem for the users of the app. PoketGenie as said, makes sure that the task owners are not overcharged for their work, and at the same time also looks after the fact that those who have volunteered to be Genies using the app are not underpaid for their work. The balance needs to be maintained. After the task owner posts the task, the price the task owner is willing to pay for the successful completion of the task also needs to be mentioned. The Genies can volunteer to be the genie for the task owner and complete the task or bid a price which the helper finds suitable for the successful completion of the task. The task owner and the helper can bid their prices for the task and come to a mutual understanding for a price before beginning with the task. Other Genies also can bid for the task, giving the task owner options to choose from. The task owner also benefits from the bidding model in terms that he can choose from various options and get his done at the lowest price. PoketGenie with its bidding model ensures the interests of task owners and the Genies and thus remains cost effective. So bid your price and get started with the task.

Wide network coverage


PoketGenie brings all the task owners and the Genies under one roof. Finding help has become expensive in today’s date and hardly found when needed. The task owners can rest assured after posting the task that the Genies would find them and the same goes for the helper that they would have an opportunity to earn money by investing their time in PoketGenie. PoketGenie aims to eradicate this gap in communication between the task owners and the Genies and create more and more opportunities in the market to earn money. So value your time and invest it in more important works and leave behind all your worries for the genie. Shun all the barriers and use PoketGenie to find your genie today.

PoketGenie to solve job crisis

The lack of opportunities

India is the country standing second in the world rank in terms of human population and the situation does not seem to be getting any better as days pass by. The effect of this overpopulation has been seen on land, environment and even in the economy and none of them are positive. With more and more people adding to this already filled world, the market seems to be pressurised a lot and is unable to create much opportunities. Lack of opportunities does not help the economy and results in less productivity and thus lack of employment opportunities. PoketGenie is here to address all these issues that hinder the development of the country and its citizens.

Job crisis

We are all well aware of the fact that despite being promised again and again of a lot of job  opportunities being created in the market, the result is nothing close to what was expected. The market structure does not help either. The supply is almost thrice or more than the demand and this causes difficulty in maintaining equilibrium in the market. Thousands and thousands of skilled professional workers remain unemployed and look for an opportunity to earn their livelihood. PoketGenie is very well aware of these situation and is designed to be the problem solver in this very chaotic market situation. There are situations when a task owner needs to get a task don and goes for the professionals only who realising the lack of competition overcharge the task owners and with no option they end up giving in to the asked price. The truth is there is no lack of competition, rather a huge competition in the market for the blue skilled workers but lack of a platform to bring them forward and enable them to showcase their skills and work to earn money.

Here comes the PoketGenie solution

PoketGenie comes as the solution to all the issues standing and help better the market crisis in terms of job opportunity. PoketGenie brings the opportunity for all the skilled workers who wish to earn money. The blue collared workers, skilled and efficient in their work wander in search of the chances that could help them get set in their jobs or at least provide them with an opportunity to earn their money. In a time when you think there are so fewer jobs to earn money, PoketGenie realises the real issue and the truth behind the statement. There are numerous ways to earn money and PoketGenie will serve as the much-needed medium that will connect the task owners and the Genies. Be it a small tap leak to major works, we often fall in need of the blue-collar workers. You must have tried calling the local shops or the professionals and have been often overcharged for the task and your hands were tied down for lack of an alternative option. PoketGenie comes as the alternative and best solution to all your woes. All the owner needs to do is post the task using the app and the price they are willing to pay for it (make sure it is reasonable). The Genies can find the ad and volunteer to help the task owner with the job in return for payment. In this manner, they can get the money they deserve for their skills and begin a fight against unemployment. The blue-collar workers or be it any Genie will be like a genie at the service of the task owner, but here the genie is awarded on successful completion of the task.

Win Win for all

There always will remain the issues regarding unemployment and job crisis, but somewhere a start must be done to change the situation. PoketGenie believes in initiating the change and trying to better the situation for good by creating more and much-needed opportunities for everyone to earn money. PoketGenie brings all the task owners and the Genies under one platform, which enables in the creation of a lot of chances to earn money for the Genies and also benefits the task owners by connecting them to the Genies and getting their work done at the right price, thus freeing them from the worry of being overcharged. PoketGenie with the aim of solving this crisis has entered the market and aims to bridge the gap between the task owners and Genies to bring stability in the economy and create more opportunities for the blue skilled workers, professionals, college students and housewives, such that anyone can earn money for a skill they have. A genie at your doorstep indeed!

Earn money in a secured way through PoketGenie


PoketGenie has its’ vision very clearly laid out in front of all of us. Not only have they thought of bridging the gap in the society but also have given the constructive solution to it. Yes, merely thinking never helped, we were always in search of the solution and here they are with the solution. The huge gap in the economic condition between different stratum in the society is a big worry for the country. To top it all, the threat of unsecured portals, frauds, cyber crimes and the middlemen have caused more damages than anything else.

Current Scenario

The very first thought that strikes us whenever we hear of all the cyber crimes is that is any digital portal safe for making transaction, will it maintain our privacy. The second thought that kicks in is whether or not we are going to get our money. This is every man’s mind these days. The digital space with increasing technology lacks security here and there. It is not to say that all digital platforms are the same but there always remains a slight vulnerability. The customers want to get the sense of security and it is very important to build trust in them for any platform to work.

The second barrier

The second hurdle comes in the form of lack of security in current jobs and the focus is on all the blue collar workers. Neither do they have a stable job nor a stable income. And in this scenario even the most skilled worker has to work as a daily wager with some agency where nothing is ensured and the threat of middlemen taking all the money is the most. It is very difficult for them to find jobs in the first place, let alone find a stable one. With such huge a population and twice the demand as there was, there are still hundreds on street without any job and there are even more who are in search of people who could help them in certain jobs, which kind of makes it all clear where this huge gap is coming from and where all the money is going.

How does PoketGenie help

PoketGenie is set to create job opportunities for everyone, be it the professionals or individuals or blue collar workers. It is secured platform for everyone to create their profile on and find suitable work according to their skills. The help seeker does not have to worry about the loss of money because this app comes with a very safe and secure method of money transaction where it takes on its own to keep your money safe. The exchange happens only between the help seeker and the Genie and PoketGenie. Once the work is assigned, the help seeker pays the money which is received by PoketGenie and blocked till the completion of the task.  After the successful completion of the task, the Genie receives their money and PoketGenie receives its commission. Hence, there is no such fear of middlemen laying a hand on your money and also any frauds happening.

The PoketGenie Guarantee

Therefore, PoketGenie guarantees both the help seeker and the Genie, the quality of work and payment respectively. There is no loss of money whatsoever, no loopholes present in the entire system. Hence, both the parties are fully insured and can use the app in a tension free manner. Our goal is to satisfy and balance the stratum, the one who are looking for opportunities and the other who are looking for skilled people to help them.