PoketGenie – Bridging the gap

Today’s Life

Set out to make people’s everyday life easier, PoketGenie, in the disguise of an app has actually brought us the helping hand which we always yearned for. With the vision to help people with all the scutwork, the app has brought together two strata of people, the one who are in need for help and the one who are skilled to provide help.

A new platform to work on 

The society, today, can be broadly classified into two – a) those who are too busy to turn towards their daily devoir and b) those who are desirous of more work, not to mention everyone is caught in their work. In this rat run, there are a lot of skilled people who lack proper and fair opportunity. There are jobs laid out but they lack guarantee and security. The main problem with daily wagers is that their payment is neither secured nor guaranteed. PoketGenie covers for both. With digital mode of payment, there is no loss of money in the process; the Genie gets the exact amount that is agreed upon. This reduces the insecurity to a large extent.

A secured and reliable approach – for Help Seekers

It becomes very difficult for us to rely on strangers with important and/or urgent pieces of work. We always want help from a reliable source. PoketGenie does exactly the same for the Task Owners. The registration on the app is followed by creating a profile for yourself, either as a Genie or a Task Owner. This profile will contain the necessary details about the skills of the Genie as well as the ratings given to them by the Task Owners and vice versa. With this mechanism, as a Task Owner, you will get to know about the job profile of the Genie as well as the skills they are better in, which is a multi-purpose benefit. Hence, you know the person you are appointing is responsible as well as reliable.

Bridging the gap

As mentioned above, there is one strata which lacks time and the other which lacks opportunity. Bringing them together on a platform is solving the time constraints for the former and creating opportunities for the latter. The app works as a platform for both the processes. The give and take nature of the business also ensures the quality of the work offered. The better you do your job better becomes your overall rating. This rating mechanism makes the Task Owner’s job easier for choosing. The best rated Genies are easy to pick, hence saving a lot of time.

Working towards the vision

Unlike many other app based services, PoketGenie is working towards their larger goal, the long term vision, of helping people. It targets the whole society, from individuals to businesses. From freelancers, house wives, college students, blue collar workers to professionals, PoketGenie has accommodated for everyone. The key focus is on increasing individual opportunities. It helps you maintain your work life balance by providing vetted Genies and gives them their much needed stability.

Act now

PoketGenie is not only helping individuals and businesses; it is also working towards a better and free flow of work and money. The work is concentrated in some points or sectors, where a particular group has their hands on the jobs. PoketGenie, since it is an app based service, gives access to everyone to build up their own profile and start working. This lays out fair and square opportunities for everyone. It is time for you to gear up and register on the app. Create your profile and start earning.

Potential Task Owners and Genies

Pending work? PoketGenie to the rescue

As days go by, it is true that work load keeps on increasing so much on individuals that it becomes very difficult to find time for one self and when it comes to giving time to your loved ones, it becomes extremely exhausting. We understand the value of your time and are here to make it easier for you such that life becomes a little less complicated for you. In the world where you have to keep track with the latest developments, you have to devote more and more of your time into your more important works and in the meantime, the petty works are left undone. These petty issues need to be done but giving time to such tasks becomes an issue for people today. PoketGenie is here to address these issues and help you get going with your life. All you will need is a Genie who would do the work on your behalf in exchange of money or benefits. But there’s a catch. They often end up overcharging you for something that shouldn’t cost you a lot and you have to give in to their demands for you are left with very few options. PoketGenie is here to your rescue. You post your work to be done using our app and be the potential task owner and in return find suitable Genies to get your work done at the price you want. Seems simple, isn’t it? It indeed is. But before you get started, let us familiarize you with who can be the potential task owners and Genies.

Potential Task Owners

Anyone can be a potential task owner. Every work you may need to get it done can be posted using our app and look for Genies accordingly who would complete the task, starting from getting your house cleaned, delivery of a parcel, fixing the tap to even babysitting, or completing a pending office project, the only requirement being that you be ready to provide them with payment. The potential owners need to register with our app and get their personal details verified. Once the task is posted, he/she will be able to select whom to give the task to and get it done accordingly. Once the task is allotted, you will have to make the payment. The payment will be kept on hold with PoketGenie until the task is successfully completed. The task owners also can avail the option of insuring their products. The task owners while posting their work, can insure the product on which the work is to be done. If during the task, the product is stolen or damaged, the owner will be compensated for the loss or damage.

Potential Genies

Alike the task owners, anyone can sign up to be a Genie. The Genies can be anyone from a college student to a house wife or a working man who has time to spare time after work and looking for an opportunity to earn a few more bucks and utilize his/her free time. The Genies also alike the task owners have to register with their basic info in the app and have them verified to be a Genie. The Genies will have to select the works they will be proficient in such that the task owners can find them. They can volunteer to work in any field and wait until they are recruited by a task owner. The Genies can look out for tasks using the app and bid a price to complete the task for the owner. Once the task is completed, PoketGenie will credit the amount to the wallet or bank account of the Genie. The Genies will also have the option of undertaking a course online which would serve as bonus points and put them ahead in the list of Genies, such that they are easily found by the task owners. 

Get started now

PoketGenie bridges the gap between the potential task owners and job seekers. So enough done waiting, download our app and get all your pending work done and free yourself from the immense day-to-day pressure. Post your ad and have your genie do all the work you need done.

Introducing POKETGENIE

A genie in disguise

Sundays are always reserved for getting all the household things fixed, be it a leaking tap or a noisy fan. Chores never seem to end. After a long day of tackling the plumber, calling the electrician to fix the lights, cleaning and scrubbing the pots, you would think that such an effort would absolve you in having to call them again, at least for some time.  YOU ARE WRONG. There will be another fused light the next morning or the other tap leaking or some different issue.

Current challenge

Today, most of the time, we are willing to get these menial work wrapped by some other person. We are looking for people who could help us with these small bits of work. Our need s is mostly on hourly basis. We always face a crisis of time, we keep complaining about not having enough time for everything. The type of work that we are talking about is your chores as well as scutwork. Whether you need an electrician, delivery boy, help with your special cuisine, help with some small event management, or carpenter; there is no discovery mechanism in the market which enables us to find reliable people for the chores. The market also does not ensure the quality of work, on-time delivery or for that matter even the pricing. There is no control over the pricing of the jobs.

A solution to the challenge

To help you with all such works, take care of the pricing and provide more of options, we introduce PoketGenie, India’s only crowd-sourced marketplace platform with unique discovery mechanism which helps you find help for all your needs, all in an app. PoketGenie is here to help you maintain your work life balance and within budget.

PoketGenie and how it works

The app will have the profile of all the helpers registered on it and the necessary information about their skills as well as the ratings given to them by other help seekers. This mechanism will further help in filtering the most reliable and efficient helpers to stay on the app. The payment is digital. PoketGenie caters to household work, handyman services, computer repairs, delivery, professional help, party and event  services, repair, photography services, and not to forget, computer and IT services; the most number of services to offer. All the users generate a request for help on the app on an on-demand basis and quotes the amount he wishes to pay, this request is viewed by Genies who can also bid their price, based on best fit the task is then assigned. Once the service is provided by the Genie successfully, the payment is released and PoketGenie receives its commission.

Get work done hassle free

It is time for you to sit back and relax. The responsibility of getting your work done is on us. With PoketGenie you can now get help anytime you need. The app is user-friendly and easy to handle. PoketGenie emphasis on its users’ privacy and security by giving access to the Help seeker and/or Helper only to relevant information once they are selected for the task, which makes it a better choice over the few present in the market currently. You are now just a few clicks away from getting your work done with PoketGenie, an app that frees you of all your worries!