Frequently asked questions

PoketGenie is a local community driven platform which unites people having no time to do their chores , with people who have time and are willing to work for money.
You can do so by merely posting as many tasks as you like along with your location. Just tap the 'I need help' button in the app. It is as simple as that.
You can post any number of tasks through the app just by tapping the 'I need help' button in the app.
As of now we do not support multiple Genie's for single task. But You can create a duplicate task and achieve the same.
If you didn't receive any offers on your task, you can edit your task with a higher price. Higher the budget, higher is the chance of getting offers. Remember the more people that see your task, the more offers you’re likely to receive. You can increase the number of people that see your task by clicking on the share button and sharing it across your social networks. Another factor which can increase your likelihood to receive offers is a well written task description. Be sure to be clear in your scope and budget, as this helps Genies know whether they have the skills and abilities to complete your task.
Your Genie will send you a payment request on the app for the total cost of items to be purchased. Go to the payments section of the task Details page to make the payment. Kindly verify item cost before making payment. Once paid your Genie can buy and get all items as per your requirement.
A person who is ready to take up your work for some money.
By doing work posted by different users in your selected location, you can earn money during your free time. Just tap the 'I wish to earn' button in the app and check out the list of work and the amount you can earn by doing that task.
If you do any work on PoketGenie that requires a licence, it’s important that you have the right licences and qualifications. Different states in India have different licences/ qualifications for and it’s important to know what type of qualification is required. Check what licences and qualifications you need for specific tasks. Please note, when completing tasks needing a licence, you must carry your valid licence with you at all times.
The comments section allows for all negotiations and discussions about the task to be public. So we can be an open and authentic marketplace, we always encourage fairness and honesty throughout the PoketGenie journey.
- Tap the "Browse Tab" and choose the task you’re interested in. - Tap the "Make Offer "button and enter the price you see fit to complete the Task. Make sure its within the budget of the task. - You may also leave a comment for the task owner to tell them why you’re the right person for the task
If you have been assigned to the task, if you're unable to complete the task and need to cancel it, tap the 'Cancel' button on the task page. You will then be prompted through the task cancellation process. Mind you you will forfeit all your payments.
It is advisable to get to know all the requirements before starting with your work. In case of extra work, renegotiate payment with the task owner. once agreed go to the payments tab of your task details page and tap on "Ask Payment". Fill in the details of the extra work along with the price agreed on. Once payment is done you can continue your work.